We are so proud to announce that Dr Robert Weber, Wheaton’s Top Orthodontist has been named a Diamond Plus provider of Invisalign. Invisalign is the orthodontic clear, removable aligners that orthodontists have used for years to straighten your teeth overtime, without using braces.

Invisalign is perfect for children teens and adults who want their teeth straightened without the use of metal braces. Invisalign’s innovative technology works to provide quality orthodontic care without the constrictions that may occur with metal braces.

Dr Robert Weber of Weber Orthodontics in Wheaton IL is an Invisalign Diamond+ Provider

At Weber Orthodontics in Wheaton IL., we pride ourselves on being Invisalign Diamond+ providers due to our commitment to working with the Invisalign system. This award is given by Invisalign to orthodontists who have become experts in their innovative treatment system and have proven their knowledge and expertise in the use of aligners. This award guarantees that Dr Weber is an expert at working with  Invisalign and can give you the confidence you need to take the next step in correcting alignment problems.

When choosing an invisalign provider, you should do the same diligence that you perform when choosing any provider for your healthcare. Your choice of an Invisalign Diamond+  top 1% of provider will give you the most experienced provider you can have and know that they have made the decision to become experts in this innovative system.

How Did Dr. Weber Become a Diamond+ Top 1% Provider?

Dr Weber became a Top 1% Invisalign provider by following the standards that Invisalign set to highlight talented, reputable orthodontists that can be trusted to provide the highest level of care.

To be selected by Invisalign, orthodontists are evaluated and  placed into four separate categories that are based on the number of Invisalign patients the orthodontist treats in a year. From Preferred, Premier, Premier Elite, and Diamond and Diamond Plus. However, the most important standard,is the lifetime number of Invisalign patients. A Diamond level orthodontist has to have worked with over 800 Invisalign patients over the years, giving them critical experience in the field.